Why winter is the best season…

When asked for their favourite season, most people wouldn’t automatically turn to Winter, but I believe in looking for the positive in everything, and winter has its little gems hidden in the most unlikely places. If you look closely, there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

You can wear similar outfits in different colours and create your own uniform that doesn’t require a lot of effort, tweaking or maintenance. Scarves are my favourite accessory as they’re so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways

When it snows it blankets the rooftops and makes it look like a Christmas postcard. I always feel inspired in winter as the white carpets of snow feel like canvases to be filled with ideas. My mind whirs as I imagine limitless possibilities.

Winter food options are filling, albeit a bit stodgy but I suppose that’s a bonus when you’re trying to keep warm in these cold winter months. Who can say no to tomato soup, shepherds pie, roast potatoes and turkey? Not me!

Winter inspired Instagram posts. You can never take enough snow peaked mountain pictures and I never tire of seeing them on my feed. There’s something about the outdoors that is unbeatable. And the cold weather takes it to another level as everything appears so still and tranquil.

The imminent arrival of Spring. There’s another thing to look forward to directly after Winter, and that’s the arrival of Spring. In the words of Tolstoy: ‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’…