As I sit, staring at my untouched mug of coffee, a dawning realisation hits me. The weekend is already upon us and I can’t help but think that the line between weekday and weekend is slowly becoming eroded.

It was already heading that way with the advent of instant messaging and smartphones which kept the population semi permanently glued to their screens past normal working hours. But now that many people are working from home, the shut off point is almost non-existent. A bit like the transition from Summer to Autumn, you hardly feel the presence until the bitter wind creeps up on you while you’re outdoors and regretting your decision to keep your jacket at home. Still, could be worse. In the words of A.A Milne: “The end of the summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October,”

If it’s any consolation, at least you won’t be suffering from Monday Blues anymore as technically, it’s just another day in the never ending work week. At least you could jet off to a sunny beach in the Med and shut off for a month. As long as that beach is not on the list of no fly zones. Which, if you’re keeping up with the news, it probably is. Maybe go for a lovely evening meal at a reputable dining establishment, but keep a close eye on that watch as once it hits 10, you’re out.

As I conclude my diatribe of mutterings, happy weekend…or weekday for that matter.