Working from home…

As the current situation lends itself to using the homestead as office space 2.0, the level of freedom offered in setting your own timing and schedule is something many office workers have still been grasping and becoming accustomed to. Whilst government guidelines have given the green light to returning to work in steady droves, many employees are holding back, basking in the glory of their new found creative outlet, and they are not prepared to return without a fight.

Gone are the days for some, of poring over the contents of your wardrobe, hastily trying to piece together a respectable outfit for work, frantically gulping that scalding hot cup of coffee before the mad dash to work, and sulking at the proposed overtime the boss has offered; working from home allows workers to time their day to their own tune, almost eliminating the middle man so to speak. Not to mention those Zoom calls with fellow colleagues whereby the top half of you is dressed in office attire, conveniently hiding the pyjama bottoms from view.

With the current trajectory, working from home may well become the new norm. After all, the benefits appear to outweigh the contrasts: reduced operative costs for employers, nil travel costs for employees, and less overhead expenditure in the long run. Some work places already have work from home schemes in place, albeit on a rotating timetable.